Car Absorber


Bored with ordinary driving performance but don't want to settle for a harsh ride? KYB New SR Special is the answer! Enhanced basic aspects like accelerating, turning and stopping for any car.
KYB suspension tuning experts perform full vehicle testing for New SR Special shock absorbers to determine the optimal suspension characteristics for speci

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Absorber RS ULTRA (Heavy Duty Absorber)
  The RS Ultra is the latest in shock absorber technology, designed to suit the very tough of road conditions. Its ride and handling is superb and you are assured of a comfortable ride even in the toughest of terrains. When it is in braking mode it reduces nose diving eliminating pitch and roll.

The RS Ultra is made of har

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With superior on-road performance, these oil-only shock absorbers satisfy the most demanding drivers. Premium shock absorbers are specially designed to compensate for the accumulated wear and tear on other parts of the suspension system, to provide a better ride, better steering and to deliver better-than-new road control and riding comfort. 

Premium Shock Absorbers a

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