Specializing in Engine Valve, Dokuro brand has been manufacturing them in Japan for over 60 years. Without a doubt, the quality has been well maintained. Every valve is manufactured with great precision. The application ranges from passenger cars engine to heavy trucks engine.

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Established since 1948, HKT Corporation is a manufacturer of electric components such as air horns and magnetic valves for trucks and buses Also available are other parts such as glow plugs and fuel pumps for diesel and petrol engines.


Daikin has parts centers in every region of the world and can respond quickly to customer demands. Find and contact your nearest Daikin representative to purchase parts and consumables.

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GMB brand has been producing quality parts since 1943, with great consistency. With the headquarter in Japan, GMB brand has spread their brand awareness throughout the world. The product range is constantly expanding. We are carrying water pump, cross joint, suspension parts and automotive bearings.


Kyosan is the most powerful name in aftermarket manufacturer of fuel pumps for Japanese cars who are the suppliers of O.E.M also. Helps the automotive industry to drive the vehicle smoothly by pumping the gasoline and make the vehicle to roll on the road.

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YEC AUTO offers a wide variety of links and tie rods that are key components to Steering and Suspension portfolio. The link and tie rod product offerings include stabilizer links; tie-rod ends and assemblies; front and rear toe links; center links; and idler and pitman arms for vehicle manufacturers' original equipment and service needs. YEC AUTO offers designs that are vehicle packaging enablers; they provide weight savings and are key-life-capable to meet customers' reliability requirements.


TAMA Enterprise Inc. is a Japanese aftermarket parts maker.Our primary products are automobile thermostats.We also produce a variety of other products such as; Thermo-switches, Thermo-sensors, Gage-sensors and Oil Pressure switches.

All of our products are made by OEM's, and have the same quality as the genuine parts.Since we were established 50 years ago, we have maintained the largest share of the Japanese market, which reflects our excellence in customer satisfaction.As of September of 2006, we have channeled our products into over 130 countries around the world.

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OSK engine timing components consists of Timing kit, Timing set, Chain Tension-er, chain guide, gear etc. It is perfectly suitable for all kind of Japanese and Korean vehicles.