GSP produces & distributes Outboard CV Joints Specially developed with molybdenum coating on ball groove of inner races as well as the cage. Carburized heat treatment on the joints enhances the reliability & durability.

Still there are two contact points between the balls and the bell, so that the friction is greatly decreased and this has created an excellent track record for the Joints in terms of longer life. Our products can be applied for a wide range of vehicles made by those major manufacturers from Japan, Asia, Europe & America.

This is the optimum sliding joint for the drive shaft, of which such high performance is demanded, it is attracting attention as a constant velocity joint offering the solution to noise vibration and harshness is 4WD vehicles.

GSP has developed quite a large number of this kind of C. V. Axles, which can enable you to have a quite and smooth voyage.

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What are control arms?
Control arms, sometimes called “A arms,” are the core of your front suspension system. In simple terms, control arms are the link that connects your front wheels to your car. One end connects to the wheel assembly and the other end connects to the framework of your car.

The upper control arm connects to the uppermost area of the front wheel and the lower control arm connects to the lower most area of the front wheel, with both arms then attaching to the frame of the car. If you have independent rear suspension, the design is similar.