Twin tube gas shock absorbers, struts and cartridges for all makes of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. All Excel-G Shock Absorbers and Struts have been engineered to incorporate advanced 3 stage compression and rebound valving, and pressurised nitrogen gas, to provide exceptional ride comfort while dramatically reducing aeration and foaming that commonly leads to suspension fade. Additionally, the innovative Excel-G damping design also compensates for wear in other suspension components, while delivering excellent road control and superb handling response.

The RS Ultra is the latest in shock absorber technology, designed to suit the very tough of road conditions. Its ride and handling is superb and you are assured of a comfortable ride even in the toughest of terrains. When it is in braking mode it reduces nose diving eliminating pitch and roll.

The RS Ultra is made of hardened chrome with various diameter piston rod which results in superior strenght. This in turn, maximises performance under extreme conditions. The RS Ultra is micro smooth in its function and with its hardened chrome piston rods, it provides longer seal life thus its reliability surpass expectations. Its sintered iron pistons and guide rods, further extends its durability. Its self sealed packing keeps oil in and contaminants out while its seamless cyclinders and eye rings eliminate weak points and seams failures thus ensuring durability, reliability and optimum performance.
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Bored with ordinary driving performance but don’t want to settle for a harsh ride? KYB New SR Special is the answer! Enhanced basic aspects like accelerating, turning and stopping for any car.
KYB suspension tuning experts perform full vehicle testing for New SR Special shock absorbers to determine the optimal suspension characteristics for specific car models.

By reducing unwanted vehicle body roll, pitch and nose diving, New SR Special shock absorbers are designed to achieve superior damping forces compared to original equipment.
When installed, a vehicle will demonstrate better handling response, greater stability, and shorter braking distances. Additionally, New SR Special technology self-adjusts to prevent damping forces from becoming excessive, ensuring pleasurable, fatigue-free, long-distance driving.

1)Extended and compressed lengths match Original Equipment
2) Increased damping forces in certain driving modes – the car is more stable at high speeds and with aggressive driving style
3) Preservation of the standard level of comfort during calm driving, despite a significant increase in operational energy intensity and control.
4) Absorbs the impact of bumps and seams above the moderate speeds by adjusting the full volume of the damping force.
5) Compression and rebound damping forces can be increased by 15-20% during some modes of operation.

Introducing to you, K-Flex Coil Springs, this spring 99.9% OEM quality standard it means this K-Flex are spring most likely original car spring, so you don’t have to worry and no doubt about it. This K-Fle was tuned for better handling and comfort when driving thus makes you were feel driving new car. This Spring Pre-load is set to specification and has been proven endurance test before selling.

Why Change Coil Spring?

  • To maintain its original height.
  • To ensure tyre contact with road surface.
  • To improve road handling
  • More responsive steering
  • Prolonged shock absorber life span.

When Should Coil Spring to be Changed?
  • When damaged
  • Softening

Its advisable that the Shock absorbers be replaced at the same time
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Strut Mounts
Strut mounts have multiple roles: First, they have to keep struts firmly in place and absorb some of the shocks from road bumps. Second, in some cars front strut mounts have strut mount bearings to allow rotation together with front wheel when turning left or right. Third, strut mounts have to provide good sound insulation, or the road noises and vibrations will travel from the struts through the vehicle's body and into the cabin. For this reason, strut mounts have a rubber cushion, so there is no metal to metal contact between the strut and the body.

With superior on-road performance, these oil-only shock absorbers satisfy the most demanding drivers. Premium shock absorbers are specially designed to compensate for the accumulated wear and tear on other parts of the suspension system, to provide a better ride, better steering and to deliver better-than-new road control and riding comfort.

Premium Shock Absorbers are manufactured at KYB plants using advanced manufacturing technology and quality control.
Designed as original equipment for many vehicle manufacturers, Premium Shock Absorbers are designed to incorporate advanced damping technologies to deliver consistent road control and comfort, with the added benefit of a prolonged service life.

  • Multi-lip oil seal to reduce possibility of oil leakage.
  • Teflon coated bushing reduces wear.
  • Hard chromed piston rod reduces friction.
  • Rebound cushion prolongs life.
  • All weather fluid to maintain constant viscosity regardless of external temperatures.
  • Rebound valve assures fast recovery.
  • Wear resistant piston ring reduces friction and possibility of leakage.
  • Compression valve self-adjusts for fast recovery.
  • Seamless eye ring to reduce possibility of breakage.
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What is absorber bush?
KYB absorber bush is a rubber that protector piston rod from corrosion due to road pollution such as dust, moisture, stones impact and others by puting this item, it will increases the life spend of the strut and avoids premature oil leakage.  This absorber bush is going to break suspension limit there fore, user didn’t have to worry about their suspension for short of time. This absorber bush also help to improve road handling so it will give you comfort experience while driving.  If you were planned to save money, so you have to use this item because it can increas the life of the shock absorber life and coil spring so you can extend the lifespend of an item and can be use for more then 3 years..

When should Protection Kits be changed?
This item are recommended to install each time the shock absorbers are replaced.

A shock dust boot is used to protect the shock rod from rocks and other debris, particularly on the highway, so in many cases manufacturers determine that the boot is unnecessary because the shock is protected by other suspension components. This is often the case with struts and coil over shocks, where the spring helps protect the shock rod from rocks.

Shocks can be run without boots and will function perfectly. In fact, many offroaders who deal with large amounts of mud will recommend not using boots at all because boots can trap mud against the shock rod and over time can cause pitting in the rod or lead to failure in the seal. This is only a problem with extreme offroad machines, but it illustrates the fact that boots are an extra protection for shocks and are not absolutely essential.
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